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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

BetOnMarkets Afternoon Report

Markets are roaring higher this afternoon on better than expected economic data from the US. Today’s better than expected ADP jobs report augurs well for Friday’s all important Non Farm Payroll data. Markets are also encouraged by the noises coming from the Obama administration on the use of tax breaks to stimulate the troubled car market.

In the UK, banks are pushing higher as speculation mounts that the bad bank plan is back on the cards. RBS is rumoured to be the first test of this model with other banks applying this template if successful. Judging by the rally in financial shares today, traders are keen on this plan to come to fruition.

Commodities are firmer, with oil finding support above $40. This is welcome news for oil producers such as BP and Shell which have rallied well from the lows of yesterday. It is even better news for the Russian government which had its credit rating downgraded today due to fears over the impact of the collapse in oil prices.