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Monday, July 28, 2008

BetOnMarkets Morning Update

The FTSE is currently indicating a lower opening, as traders are awaiting the release of the UK lending data which will come out around 8.30am GMT. Analysts are expecting another month of contracting mortgage approvals and loan issues as financial institutions are tightening the lending qualification requirements after being burned by the current credit squeeze. Banks have been announcing write downs for 3 quarters totalling more then 250 billion dollars, and some suggest that this is not over just yet. Look for the FTSE financials to take it on the chin this morning if the lending numbers come out worse then expected.

Oil stood its ground yesterday, as traders are waiting to see if demand has returned with what is now called somewhat cheap oil prices. Crude has given up more then 20 dollars since it hit an all time high earlier this month, however oil prices are up more then 75% from its August 2007 prices. If on Wednesday we do not see the return of consumer demand it is very possible for oil prices to dip below 120 dollars per barrel. Gold which lost more then 50 dollars last week due to the strength of the US dollar, seems to be recovering as some experts are saying that the selloff was overdone. We expect for gold to keep creeping up possibly hitting 940 dollars per barrel before Fridays employment numbers out of the US.