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Thursday, July 24, 2008

BetOnMarkets Morning Update

The FTSE is currently indicating a sharply lower opening, as traders are worried that the GDP numbers which are released this morning will come out on the weaker end. A weak number would deal another blow to the BOE which has been fighting a war on two fronts, Inflation and a sluggish economy. The good news is that a weaker GDP might force the hand of the BOE to cut interest rates at the next meeting, which would be a positive move for the FTSE.

Commodities managed to regain some ground after negative news regarding the US new claims data, which showed more then 400,000 new layoffs last week, putting the breaks to the recent strength of the US dollar. Gold which printed a low of under 920 dollars per ounce, is now trading north of the 925 dollar mark. We anticipate that the precious metal will regain more ground today, possibly finishing the day above 935 dollars. Oil which has been the biggest loser this week, managed to stabilize near the 125 dollar per barrel mark, and is currently trading north of 126 dollars. The economic data out of the US should dictate whether the price of oil is going to attempt another shot at 150, or try and break below 120.